Microweddings 101

We get it, weddings are pricey. Many couples in the US spend over $30,000 on their special day, which can make hosting a microwedding even more appealing. Just like its name implies, a microwedding is a wedding with a guest count of 50 or fewer people. Some even define a microwedding as having less than 20 people. Since the average number of wedding guests is 150 people, this is definitely a jump from a more "traditional" wedding size. 

A microwedding allows you to have the wedding of your dreams while staying on budget. For some couples, it's an opportunity to host a wedding where only their closest family and friends are invited. While microweddings may seem easier to plan than a traditional one, there are certain details that shouldn't be missed.

  1. Flowers - Since microweddings have fewer guests and subsequently fewer catering and preparation costs,  you might find yourself able to splurge on lavish floral arrangements that guests won't soon forget. If you still want to save some money on floral, Evvnts by Me has got you covered with a variety of options. Our options include centerpieces, bridal party packages, and bulk floral for DIY brides. 
  2. Catering - It's simple math! The less people you have to feed, the more cost effective your wedding is! And with a microwedding, you can serve your guests whatever your heart desires. Our sister company Fork & Flowers offers a variety of menu options for those planning smaller weddings. 
  3. Décor- Microweddings still need to be stylish, from your menu signs to your table decorations. You can go the route of sourcing the items yourself, but Evvnts by Me has the trendiest décor on the market at unbeatable prices. Better yet, when you rent wedding décor, it saves you the trouble of finding use for it after your ceremony. 
  4. Wedding favors - Think of your traditional wedding favors, but personalized. When you host a smaller wedding, you have the ability to express your gratitude to your guests personally with a handwritten note and a gift just for them. 

Regardless of guest count, planning a wedding can be stressful. Allow Evvnts by Me to take care of all of your rental needs whether your count is 15 or 1500.