Stems In Bulk: Statice Filler Flower Tinted Emerald Green

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Statice Filler Flower Tinted Emerald Green features tiny ruffled blooms clustered at the top of smooth stems giving it a delightfully airy appearance. With lovely emerald green tinted flowers, stems of this deep flower will look utterly charming featured in a spring wedding or ladies luncheon. Also referred to as sea lavender and marsh-rosemary, this flower has come to symbolize fond memories and mean, "I miss you." Statice is known for its vase longevity and the stems are smooth with no foliage make it a dream to arrange. Fresh and clean, stems of our tinted emerald green statice will blend perfectly with roses, lilies and orchids or arranged in bunches on their own. 


FREE SHIPPING. Fresh flowers will arrive 3 days prior to your event date. Instructions for proper flower care will be included in each package.

Product Details 

  • Stem Length:  Average of 16 to 27.5 inches long

    Bloom Size:  Each bloom is an average are 0.5 to 1 cm in width.

    Expected Vase Life: Average of 20 days, because of the papery texture, these dry naturally without much change in appearance.

    Symbolic Meaning:  Symbolizes lasting beauty, and success in life.

    • If your event is Saturday suggested delivery day is Wednesday.
    • Statice is available year round.*
    • Statice flowers arrive fully bloomed.
    • Statice has a long vase life and requires very little maintenance.
    • Each main stem has a 'spray' of smaller branches with several tiny funnel-shaped flowers.
    • Statice is native of the coastal and desert environments of central Asia, Canary Islands and the Mediterranean.
    • Statice is shipped with 320 grams per bunch and is bundled together by a rubber band. Each bunch will have an average of 7 stems.
    • Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and due to variations in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.

                        *Package contents and prices are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and market conditions.

                        +Your flowers will arrive looking thirsty and sleepy. This is absolutely NORMAL. 

                        ++In the event that a substitution may be necessary to make certain that your flowers are delivered on time, we take the utmost care in assuring that your order is as similar to your original flower choice as possible even if this means substituting flowers of higher value. While we will always try to inform under these circumstances, flower substitutions may be shipped without verbal confirmation from you.

                        **Returns will only be accepted if flowers arrive in poor condition. Returns will not be accepted for circumstances resulting from negligence.